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Bertie and Betty

Bertie and Betty
Bertie and BettyBertie and BettyBertie and Betty

Together again.  Found near public shelter Severe Mange. 
Sadies came and took them out and to the UK. Rehomed.
Together again this is their love story
Could you give a home to one of our rescue dogs?


Betty and Bertie reunited.



Betty and Bertie were picked up in the public shelter open space with terrible mange. They were together and their condition seemed similar so we assumed they had come in together . We took them to clinic and it took months to clear up the mange and get them healthy and then to Laura's shelter until we could find homes. Along came a lovely family in Devon who offered to take Bertie and later Betty, we were so grateful they could stay together.I don’t think its been easy because they were from the open space and really abused but Bertie is so gentle and loving and Betty was just shy and follows him every where .They took Bertie first and then decided to take Betty as they felt sorry for her They have a lot of space so its great for both of them. 


Their new owners  say

Hi ,
I wanted to give you both an update on Betty and Bertie, it's about 9 months since we collected Betty. I see you have a great adoption web site now with a bit of background on each dog. 

In the last week we have managed to get Betty to go on walks, as long as we stay away from roads. She's petrified of them which makes us wonder if she was found on a road. She's still very stressed by any noises, and is lost if she can't see Bertie. But she loves to run and play in our field, sometimes with a tail wag! Bertie has just had his teeth done, 7 removed. He will happily lie outside all night if we let him, he gets very hot in the house. He barks all day at the cows and sheep if he can. He's such a cuddle bear. You do a fab job, sorry we can't home any more! Thank you. Jayne and Dave Preston.