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Thrown from a car like trash
Now in her new home
Could you give a home to one of our rescue dogs?

Mandi Horan
On 14th June 2016 Lesley arrived at my home with a scared, smelly and subdued bundle of fur. Her rescue name was Abby. We named her Ruby. She had been traveling for 3 days to get here so she was exhausted. She had been thrown from a car in Romania and rescued. She had spent her time in rescue hidden in the corner of a kennel, not brave enough to let anyone touch her. She cried with fear when she was placed down on normal flooring and it broke my heart to see. For the first day she hid in the furthest corner of the room just slowly venturing out for some food and a sniff.

Day 2 and she had to have a bath. She did pong! She was so good and obviously felt better after. She got braver and braver over the next few days and would allow gentle stroking, even a short lap stay. My vet checked her over and told me she had already had a litter. Poor little mite she was so young still.

Over the next week I noticed her quirky habits like lifting her paw as she ate, her mumbling mouth when she was spoken to, how her tail reacted to being  happy or if she was not. We were already in love with her. Then one evening after a couple of weeks,  while she was sleeping, she had a seizure. On advice from the vet we kept an eye on her and then a few days later she had another, then another. Blood tests and observations revealed she did in fact have epilepsy. Poor baby. She was given medication twice a day and this did help at first, slowed them down, but after a recent bout of clusters we are having to change to another tablet. So far so good. Considering how much she has gone through in such a short life (and i'm sure we don't know the half of it) she is the most loving, often sassy, but perfect girl. My family are so blessed to have her and so thankful to Sadies for rescuing her and bringing her into our lives. It's like she's always been here.