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Our Mission Statement:
To reduce the number of stray dogs on the streets of Bacau, Romania, to a sustainable population.
To provide a humane alternative to the killing of stray dogs.
To educate the public and dog owners in dog husbandry and dog ecology.
To improve the public dog shelter, so it is run efficiently and humanely and is effective in the rehoming of stray dogs.
To facilitate the organisation of an effective local NGO, who will organise and run regular sterilisation campaigns, as funding permits and oversee the management of the dogs in the public dog shelter.
To provide training to a local vet, so that keyhole surgical methods can be used to sterilise stray animals.
Our Vision:
The success of dog population control in Oradea, Brasov and Cernovoda shows us by example that the only humane way to control stray dog breeding is by education and sterilisation.  We hope the authorities will see this is a cost effective solution to their dog problem.  Studies in dog ecology show that a small number of healthy, sterilised dogs living on the streets is acceptable and safe, and discourages new dogs from entering territories.
A public shelter that provides veterinary care, food and socialisation for healthy dogs will attract support and adopters.
With regular sterilisation programmes, in time, the dog population will decrease and local citizens will learn to take care of and love their dogs.
We require the cooperation of City Hall, local rescuers, dog lovers and the people of Bacau to achieve this. There is no quick fix or easy solutions!
In the UK we are looking for volunteers, fundraisers and dog lovers to help achieve our vision!