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Warning contains distressing images

We are continuously asked why Romanian dogs when there are many in the UK that need help

On this page we attempt to answer that question.  The suffering experience by the Romanian dogs is incomprehensible.  

Bacau  Public Shelter


2014 - 2017
Bacau, like many other cities in Romania, has no strategy to control the breeding of stray dogs and this situation has not changed.  Consequently the stray dog population is out of control.  In recent years the number of dogs housed at the shelter has grown considerably and is now estimated to be 2,000.  Many of these have since died or been killed.  We estimate the current population to be around 1,600.  Conditions are unacceptable, however new cages are being built to house 500 dogs. The remainder of the dogs live in an open space behind the shelter.




Dog catchers are employed to catch the stray dogs that live on the streets of Bacau.  Methods used are severe and dogs are traumatised on arrival at the shelter.




Inside the shelter, the dogs have no veterinary treatment, so disease spreads quickly and food is inadequate or non-existent.  There is no budget to buy food for the dogs and so they rely on offal from the local chicken abattoir.



Our few dedicated volunteers in Romania feed the 1,600 dogs at weekends and in holiday periods, when the local abattoir is closed.  We rely on donations to buy food and the generosity of transport companies who each month transport the food to Romania for us.

Dogs in some of the cages and in the outside space (approximately 1,000) have no shelter and die in the harsh winters.  Water is not provided daily.  The three public shelter workers are untrained and paid an inadequate wage, which means there is no incentive to look after or care for the animals in their charge.  Bad practice and cruelty occurs too often and there is no adequate supervision.  However we have recently had CCTV cameras reinstated inside the shelter, which we hope will safeguard the dogs.


We believe a public shelter that provides veterinary care, food and socialisation for healthy dogs will attract support and adopters.


Sadie's supporters donated for straw,beds,houses,outside feeders and houses.


With regular sterilisation programmes, in time, the dog population will decrease and local citizens will learn to take care of and love their dogs.  We require the cooperation of City Hall, local rescuers, dog lovers and the people of Bacau to achieve this.  There is no quick fix or easy solution


It can take many months of care both mentally and physically to get these dogs fit for a new home.  This costs time and money. The Sadie's Team cannot do it alone they look to their supporters to help them.



It is an ongoing struggle to improve the lot of these dogs but with the help and support of you, everyone one of you, we will continue to strive to improve the lot of the dogs incarcerated in the Public Shelter.  By giving, you help us to give some comfort, food, beds and shelter from the harsh winters within the shelter, for the dogs, some will come to the UK but some will die in that shelter.  Please, please help us.


.An article by Anda Popescu, leader of a small NGO for dogs in Romania, gives an excellent insight into the life of a village puppy 
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