Hello from Romania

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Hello from Romania!!

As some of you may already know I've made a huge change to my life and have moved to Bacau, Romania.. why some may ask? The answer is simple, I want to make a difference to the homeless, unwanted dogs and sadly you are guaranteed to find lots of them here! 

I first visited Romania last May and since then even when returning home to my so called 'normal life' it never left me. I found myself counting down the days to my next trip out.. it became frequent, I was over here most months. After long talks with Lesley it was agreed that there was more that I could do and that meant being here full time as Sadies representative. I have been here a few days short of a month and although I feel like every day is a puzzle, totally useless in conversations amongst the locals (trying to work on that!) tired, living off coffee and grabbing food as and when I can.. I have to say I'm happy, happy to be doing something that I feel so passionate about. 

The work Sadies does in Bacau and Bacau county is so very much needed.. you really don't have to look for too long or too hard until you spot a dog and I don't mean a dog with his owner.. I mean just a dog, an unwanted dog. This brings me to the core of our work here, of dog and find him a loving family to home him with but where are all these families?..that amount to the number of dogs here? And what about the dogs that end up growing up on the streets and won't necessarily fit into a home environment? So this brings me to the most important thing we / you can do and that is to spay and neuter. We need to stop them being born in the first place.

If you haven't already please take a look at the post about our most recent spayathon which took place 2 weeks ago, it was held over a few days and in two different towns. We sterilised 160 dogs in total. I say you can help because you can.. it costs just £20 to sterilise a dog and that means you will stop puppies being born into a life of misery. Our next spayathon will take place in May so please donate and SPAY for MAY. Ways to donate can be found on our website.

All for now as I'm writing this whilst sat at the vets which is where I spend most of my time nowadays ... a very expensive pastime. 
Daisy May just got her passport and cannot wait to begin her new life in the U.K. 

I hope you will follow me on my journey and help us to help the dogs..