A Great Dane with a great big heart looking for his forever home

Saturday, 1 April 2017

From one day to the next I never know who I'm going to meet...

Today I had the pleasure of meeting this BFG.. A Great Dane named Raul.
Unfortunately for Raul it was under sad circumstances as his owner handed him over to me and waved good bye to him after 7 years together because he's 'old' and surplus to requirements.
He hasn't had the greatest life, he's been used as a stud dog and is very skinny with lots of sores.

Raul doesn't yet know that his life is going to get a whole lot better, he just wonders where his master is as that's all he's known! We need to find him his perfect forever home where he is wanted and loved , until then he will be waiting at the private shelter.

Raul is a total sweetheart and was perfectly behaved in the car, he agreed to having a few selfies with me before taking a nap. 

He's a big boy with a whole lot of love to give...who can give him as much in return?