Worlds Stray Animals Day

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


As today is Worlds Stray Animals Day I thought I'd write about my most recent stray find...


This is 'Sheila the strays' story and Sunday was her lucky day! 

During the winter months, we would pull over and feed a girl who I named Sheila. We couldn't take her in at the time because everywhere was full but boy was it hard to leave her.. she was the friendliest, waggiest tailed girl who would keep a look out for our car to pull up and would come bounding over.
One day we pulled up at the same spot but Sheila was nowhere to be seen, day 4 passed with still no sight of her, there was snow on the ground and she had she vanished. I returned back to the UK for a short while and when phoning back to speak with my Romanian friend I would ask if he'd seen Sheila, the answer was always a no. I felt awful and often wondered what had happened to her.. another stray that had managed to survive for so long and then what?
 I made a promise that if I ever saw her again I wouldn't just feed her but I'd take her... that day amazingly came round on Sunday!!! En route to Bacau and there was a dog curled up at the edge of the road, its a ritual that when we see a dog that looks vulnerable we stop and check it, as soon as she turned her head I knew who she was. We're still full but I'm so happy I found Sheila. She was a complete bag of bones under her fluffy coat with terrible skin and full of ticks. 

We immediately took her to the vets ( our vets are so helpful and I'm so thankful they came in on a Sunday for us ) She weighed less than half of what her body weight should be and our vet said she wouldn't/couldn't have lasted much longer fending for herself.


Although she's had to struggle all her life, her struggle is now over.. she will return to the vets on Thursday for a medicated bath (update to follow) and to receive her vaccines, she will be spayed as soon as she has gained more weight.

It's a very lucky outcome for Sheila but for so many this isn't the case. Now she just needs her forever home to complete her story

Videos of Sheila from when I first spotted her and from Sunday can be found on our facebook page.

From myself and Sheila - Please support our spay and neuter campaigns.