SSDR have some VERY exciting news...

Thursday, 20 July 2017

SSDR have some VERY exciting news...
With MASSIVE thanks to ALL the wonderful people that donated towards this for the dogs... drum roll please...
WE HAVE A CAR!!!!!!!
Let me introduce you to the Sadies mobile a VW Touran.

After nearly a year of using Cosma Bogdan's car which was once his pride and joy and running up a whooping 18,000km being a dog taxi, which I am eternally grateful for as it saved so many lives... we are so excited and so thankful to finally have a spacious vehicle that can most importantly transport our dogs safely every day and of course has the very important factor of air con for them.


There were a couple of extremely generous donators that contributed to make this happen.. you know who you are and we THANK YOU so very much. Quite frankly without a car we're pretty useless, on a day to day basis we have emergency cases to pick up, dogs to move and it's very rare we have a day without dogs needing to go to the vets.


So from all of us here and the doggies... WE THANK YOU for making Sadies bigger and better in Bacau
Sign writing to follow