We need your help for Rou

Tuesday, 11 April 2017




UPDATE 15/04/2017

 Please note Rou cannot have a soft bed yet because of her infectious skin
We need to keep the area as sterile as possible.

I has been to see Rou today. She seems happier than the day I took her from the street just a few days ago. Her head isn't hanging down now like in the original picture shown below.
She has such a long road ahead of her to get better but she's in the right place now and getting the treatment for her skin at long last. She will start to feel better in herself once her skin stops itching so much. She is eating well, she loves her food. She is understandably very shy but in time she will learn to trust. Thank you to those that have already donated for her vet bills. If you haven't already done so, 

We need help please

Every night I write a list for the following day, I very rarely ever get to the end of my lists each day but still, I write lists.. todays list went out of the window when we had a call come in for this girl.. a street dog on an industrial estate in desperate need of our help. I understand that with being here I'm open to seeing severe and distressing cases but this one is bad and I wish to never see a dog in this state again

Today I received a picture of a dog that one of our volunteers had been alerted to, we dropped everything and immediately went. We arrived at the address of an industrial area and there was the dog with the most extreme case of mange I've seen. The pain and discomfort that this dog must have been in for what looks to be a long time is unbearable. I knew we couldn't leave without her. She is very shy and timid but thankfully we managed to corner and catch her. We took her to the vets, the same vets that treated two other of our extreme mange cases Ruby and Rupert with great success but just like it was for them it will be a long road to recovery, she needs a couple of months of treatment for her mange and she also needs time to gain trust in humans.

Our wonderful supporters changed the lives of Ruby and Rupert and now it's time to start changing hers. So we need your help, we need to raise the funds in order to help her.. can we raise £300 for Rou please? Please click on donate button and go to special appeal. Thank you for caring.