Parvo Puppies Now Need Homes

Monday, 1 May 2017


Goodbye April!
This week has been filled with ups and downs, a week of mixed emotions and without fail new challenges.
The happiest day by far being Tuesday - transport day... the day that 10 extremely lucky pooches got to leave this life behind and head for a happy, worry free life in the U.K. 


I'm ecstatic for them all to leave here but I'm over the moon that our first pup from the surviving parvo pups at long last has flown the nest.. that lucky puppy was Macy. 
From being found dumped in the harsh winter, the decision was made and with the help of our wonderful supporters that donated towards their expensive treatment, the fight was on to save them. Unfortunately Macy endured watching many of her siblings and friends fail to make it and the original 20 pups little by little dwindled down to 8 survivors. 
However, 8 little lives were saved. The volunteers took care of them daily all winter in the most horrendous of conditions with temperatures going down to -20, they were amazing!



As soon as the puppies were well enough they received their vaccinations and that brings us to now. 
With another of Macy's friends 'Poppy' ( was Valentine ) now reserved with her ticket booked to leave Romania on 16th May, we still have 6 puppies from the 8 survivors wondering when they will be leaving? 

Click image to go to their page on the website.  Could you be their special one.

Elvis - Black and White boy who gained his named because of his lip, he's an extremely cool dude, who loves a cuddle.
Rufus - Black boy. He was the smallest for a long time but has now caught up with the others. He has a wonderful personality.
Tulip- Black fluffy girl. She is probably the most reserved of the bunch, she waits her turn inline for cuddles.. she's ready to be someone's special girl and not just a number.
Blossom - Brindle girl. Very friendly, will become her family's most loyal companion.
Paris - Dark Chocolate/Black girl. Always one of the first to say hello but very polite and gentle with it.
Coral - Silver grey girl. The biggest of the bunch ( Lesley's favourite ) very affectionate and unusual markings. 
They are all ready to leave Romania. They are all happy and healthy pups, fully vaccinated, microchipped, have passports. We didn't save them for a life behind bars... they deserve to be living in a home with their families