A day in Romania

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Transport Tuesday
Transport wasn't until 9am today,  so made a nice change to grab a coffee to go, definitely live in the perfect location in Bacau because I have the best coffee shop in town on the corner of my street. So after a Vanilla latte for me and a Coconut latte for Bobo we make our way  with my resident pooch Starla (was Betty) to the shelter which is just a 15 minute drive away.
Laura (Amity) is already at the shelter after a sleepless night with puppies and kittens.. we have another coffee! 
 Only 1 lucky dog was leaving today but a new life awaits Fisher in the UK! 



We wave Fisher off, see to the dogs at the shelter and welcome the food delivery for the remaining 152 bags of dog food.
Next stop is to the vets for Starla's second vaccine.. not long before her pups can be weaned and Starla is one step closer to meeting her new Mummy and Daddy who are so patiently waiting for her arrival in the U.K. Starla goes back to the apartment  for a rest after her busy morning and we head to go and feed some of our other dogs which are kept at a different location.. As usual they are all waggy tailed and pleased to see us, they are fed, watered and happy. 
Sheila is booked in to be spayed so back to the vets with her.. we could see she had put on some weight but weighing her confirmed she has put on 10kgs! We leave her at the vets and organise to collect Digby from one of the volunteers who has kindly been fostering him for the past few days, then back to the shelter.




For the past few days Bobo has been building two new isolation kennels in preparation for dogs in need.. the first dogs in need are 3 extremely mangey pups that needed rescuing but where to put them? Hence the building of the kennels. 
We decide that they are secure enough to have residents so along with one of the volunteers who knows the exact location,  Bobo and I drive to a village about 30km outside of Bacau and there we are greeted with a lovely man who feeds a feral momma dog that has had pups and they are 3 terrible cases of mange, 1 pup so bad that it has lost its tail.
The pups are weaned from the mum but there's no hope in hell of getting any where near her, so we will have to come up with a plan for her another day, without doubt she definitely needs sterilising!! 



As the clock was ticking we call one of our vets in advance and organise to take them there where they will stay for the night in order to receive a bath and treatment. 

To my surprise in the middle of all of this we have both the wifi company and the delivery guys for my washing machine calling to say they can come this afternoon instead of Thursday.... so pleased but I'm not at the apartment. Aargh!!
A bit of juggling and this afternoon results in getting the pups to the vets, they all test negative and stay for their treatment. Amazingly the delivery / wifi installation guys are super nice and fit in around my dog rescuing schedule , ha!


We collect both Sheila and Iris (who had been there for a week or so after a fever) from the vets and take them back to their kennels. Picked up Alexandra one of the volunteers along the way who offers to clean and disinfect the new kennels at the shelter ready for the pups arrival tomorrow. More info and pics on these poor souls to follow.  And then it's 8pm..after having no breakfast, we're ready for something to eat and we realise we ordered lunch to be delivered to the shelter but never ate it... perfect! Dinner at the shelter and then back to the apartment to clean and feed my bunch, shower and catch up with messages. After having no wifi for weeks and stopping at every available free wifi spot. I'm so excited to finally have it..YAY!!!, a call home and bed...

I have to say today was a good day where everything we planned happened in that way... this normally isn't the case.

That's what happened in our Tuesday, hope yours was a good one.
From me and the Doggies