The work is relentless in Romania

Sunday, 25 June 2017

They say time flys when you're having fun however it seems the older you get, that fast forward button gets pressed and before you know it a month has passed since my big day, not that one, hehe - my 30th birthday.. where did that month go? One word- Dogs!












Survived the street and parvo now waiting for that forever home

Time isn't our friend. We have so much to do and too little time in a day but we give it our best shot.
It's hottin up here now which makes everything harder.












Starving on the streets of Romania now in our care.

The air con broke for the second time in Bobo's car.. I won't bore you with the details, it's still being fixed but the words 'hot mess' spring to mind.
On a super happy note, we've had a surge of adoptions coming through, loading dogs onto the happy bus to their new lives fills me with happiness. Not forgetting the other thing that makes me very happy- spaying!! Our Spayathon in May was a big success and we have announced dates already for our next one in September









Now has her new home in the UK. Be happy!
Wow, there's so much more to tell you.. Our partnership with the private shelter here, plans for our own clinic, a presentation held at a local school with another to follow in September which is an opening for us to educate the children, our endless rescues that take place on a daily basis, some bring us smiles and sadly others are full with tears.


Found on the streets pregnant. She has her forever home.

My darling flat mate Betty was adopted which made room for Darcy to come and hang out with Nelly (my little parvo pup) My puddy tat Puss also got adopted to the UK.
Thinking we should start doing live videos.. wish you could all see what we do each day.
Watch this space..
From me and the doggies