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GSD In the public shelter starving, cold and no way out!
Sadies came and took him out and to the UK
Could you give a home to one of our rescue dogs?


This lucky GSD  got our own Peta Stanley as his forever mum.

I have to share this moment with you, I've only just got round to looking at some of the pictures from the shelter this week. We've had a bereavement in our family and the thought of more sadness looking at the shelter was too much for me to bear. So I open the pics up early this morning and I had a sharp intake of breath when I saw these few pictures. It literally made me sob.
Rhett is obsessed with birds, he's always chasing them in the garden and now I realise the enormity of it for him. This is all he had to distract him from his daily world of hardship. He didn't even have our lovely Sadies dog houses then, literally nothing, just birds. 

This was his world. Stuck, completely stuck in that hell, in the cold, wet and he was starving, pitifully thin, he'd been abused, had his ears cut, a very young dog not able to get the food he needed to grow properly. His back legs were not quite right because he wasn't getting the nutrients he so desperately needed at such a young age.
Now thankfully he is safe, well, warm, fed and loved more than any dog could possibly be. And his legs are now completely as they should be.
So I'm sat here crying and hoping with all my heart that these other dogs at the shelter, that are stuck with no hope, can get to chase birds for fun in a family garden, not because they have nothing else and it's their only way to survive.
PLEASE ADOPT ONE OF OUR DOGS. YOU WILL COMPLETELY CHANGE THEIR WORLD. They are the most loving dogs and will repay you tenfold. Love from me and Rhetty Roo Rah. Xxx