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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you?
Sadies Stray Dog Rescue (SSDR) is a small UK based Organisation.  It was founded by Lesley Ford in 2014 after Sadie, a dog she was helping rehome, died a sad and terrible death in Romania.  After visiting the Bacau shelter and seeing the conditions for herself, Lesley was compelled to help the dogs.

An application to register the charity has been submitted to the Charity Commision.  SSDR is run entirely by volunteers both in the UK and Romania, and has supporters worldwide including Germany and the Netherlands.
The organisation uses Facebook to promote its wor


Why are there so many stray dogs in Romania?


The problem stems from the 1980's industralisation of Romania when owners were forced to abandon their dogs.  It is compounded by uncontrolled breeding of street dogs and those let out while owners are at work.



Why help the dogs of Romania?


Romania's stray dogs experience horrendous conditions: they are attacked and abused by the public and captured inhumanely.
Once in the public shelters they are drugged, dragged, kicked, thrown and tortured by the staff (we have videos).  They are put in dirty, overcrowded kennels where diseases spread, the dogs breed and the small, weaker ones are attacked.  With little to no water and food (just chicken blood and offal) Monday to Friday the dogs suffer malnutrition, painful skin conditions and untreated injuries.  If the dogs are operated on by the resident vet they are put straight back into the kennels where wounds easily open and become infected.
When the shelter decides to kill dogs they use methods which often cause a slow and painful death.  The public shelter receives funds per dog caught and so there is always a steady stream of dogs coming into the shelter. More info click here



Who do you work with in Romania?


Details of who we work with can be found on our Partners page.


How do I know my donation will be used to help the dogs?


We are a small organisation whose only concern is to help the Romanian dogs.  100% of all donations go directly to the dogs.  Updates of donations and projects are shown regularly on our facebook page.



How do you decide which dogs to saved?  What makes one dogs needs more a priority then others?


We take the social dogs who we sense will be happy in a home first.  We also take sick dogs as we have to take them for treatment.  We take pups as long as there is quarantine space.  We try not to take street dogs who have been on the streets for years because they don't easily adapt into homes.  We don't take extremely fearful or aggressive dogs because we don't have anyone to work with them and we would just move them from one cage to another.



How do I rehome a dog?


If you are interested in fostering or adopting a dog please take a look at our Adoption and Foster pages. 



How do I know the dog I rehome is healthy?


We work with excellent vets in Romania and all dogs receive the relevant and necessary injections required to obtain passports and travel to the UK.  However, in many cases we do not know their medical history and so cannot provide such details.


Why spay/neuter?


This diagram gives a pretty good explanation of why we need to spay and neuter:



Why put dogs back on the street?


The shelters are full to bursting, and the dogs aren't necessarily well looked after.  Catching dogs to spay/neuter and then returning them to the street once healed in many cases is the only option available to us.  With a spay/neuter programme the street dog population will eventually decline.


I can't afford to donate, how else can I help?


There are lots of ways you can support us - perhaps you have wormers or flea treatments you no longer need, or an item to donate to one of our auctions.  Take a look at our Ways to Help page for some ideas.

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