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Rescued from the  public shelter starving, cold and no way out!
Now in a forever home, loved, fed and no wish to run away.

Could you give a home to one of our rescue dogs?

Here is our Sadie’s rescue dog – Leo.

We wanted a companion for our 3-year old German Shepherd -Bramble and saw Leo on the Sadie’s Rescue website. We saw a video of him.  He in his kennel in Bacau and was so excited when Amity went in to cuddle him.  He seemed so loving that we offered to adopt him.

We were able to follow his journey across Europe on the ‘doggy bus’ online and after a delay at Calais due to a French strike he finally arrived safely with us on Sunday 24th July 2015.

He was quite ‘shut down’ when he first arrived and was very subdued but once he found his feet he has become a lively member of our family.

Bramble gets on well with him (except for a few minor spats) but Leo is definitely the boss.

Leo (aka ‘Ratbag’) has a few issues which we doubt we will be able to cure him of.  He was and will always be a scavenger – any food left out is fair game.  We are not used to a ‘foodie’ dog – Bramble doesn’t eat treats so we were not prepared for a dog that will steal any food from anywhere he can.

Although Leo has bonded with us, he is very wary of other people and he either loves them or absolutely hates them – no in between and no way of knowing which it will be.

He gets on well with other dogs and loves to have a run with them.

In the winter we travel down to Spain and Portugal where he has really enjoyed the beaches.

Leo is a very happy dog who loves nothing better than a cuddle on the sofa.

Best wishes
Tony & Carol